How to Achieve Great Displays Leading to Higher Conversion for Your Online Apparel Store -

How to Achieve Great Displays Leading to Higher Conversion for Your Online Apparel Store

Apparel is an industry with many distractions, and a customer’s focus can get easily taken up by the myriad of products competing for attention. Shopping feeds are a great way of showing prospective clients visiting your site relevant information so they can make a quick decision.

Google shopping is one of the best marketing channels to show case apparel products.

Since it is a paid service, it is a great way to generate traffic and conversions. First you need to have a great online store to be able to sell clothes online effectively, Shopify provides really good services for this. To get the best return on your investment, here are some best practices to follow:

  1. i) Use of high-quality images that display your clothes clearly and capture the design

Shopping feeds allow you to use images to advertise your apparel items. Ideally, pictures of clothing being modeled are more enticing as the customer can visualize themselves in the item. Use quality images so that customers can see what they will be receiving. Clothes can look very different when laid out and when worn. The latter has more visual appeal.

  1. ii) Promotions

Price your products competitively because the price is a key factor that most buyers grapple with before making a buying decision. If customers feel they can get a better deal at the next site, they end up buying from your competitors. You want to price your merchandise in such a way that they will not feel the need to look elsewhere.

iii) Descriptive titles

When doing shopping feeds, it is better to use descriptive titles as opposed to creative ones. This helps in catching the buyer who knows exactly what he/she is searching for.

When using comparative shopping engines to promote your products, the above tips will help you be more effective. 

  • Conversion optimization for an online store

Conversion optimization is imperative to all eCommerce sites regardless of the industry. Over and above industry best practices, there are always a few tricks one can employ in order to position your clothing store as a front runner in the apparel market while boosting your store’s conversion.

  1. i) Product photos

Photos play a major role not only in displaying the design of an item but quality as well, where the product is worn, it is even more enticing and resonates with buyers more strongly giving that final push to their buying decision.

Many sites are immaculately designed, but the photos may not be all that high making conversion. But you can be sure to feel some results if you take the trouble to use quality high-resolution photos, with bright lighting on a professional background.

It is always a good idea to zoom in on a feature or aspect that the customer might want to see. Use of models or mannequins in different angles makes the presented item more appealing.

The objective is to help the customer have no hesitation as the product pictures have answered his/her questions. This question can be in respect to size, angles, and special features. This greatly influences a customer decision to buy.

  1. ii) Encourage customers to share

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Reviews are key as they help in building trust.  Most customers tend to read them before they finally decide to purchase from your site.

 Provide a platform where customers can share honest and open reviews of products they have bought from you. Better yet, ensure the platform allows them to display a picture of themselves in items bought from your store. This has enormous power to improve the traffic and conversion in your store

iii) Build confidence by providing information

Be sure to provide all pertinent information of a given product. The product page is the last page the customer will be on before converting to a purchase. This information is what builds confidence and tips the scale to close a sale.

The product description should be detailed and unique including dimensions, washing instructions, fiber content and warning instructions. An accurate size guide and an easy to find return policy, in case it is the wrong size or damaged, are additional information that helps alleviate any hesitation as a customer goes ahead to buy with trust.


Quality large photos in advertisement and proper detailed product information will have a direct impact on the conversion for any online apparel store.